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The Exchanger XML Editor runs on all platforms:
Mac OS X
Any Unix Platform
Other Java Enabled Platforms

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For more information download the User Guide.
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Video and Documentation Library

The Video and Documentation Library contains a collection of the most useful documents relating to the components of the Exchanger XML Editor and XSLT Debugger along with video demonstrations showcasing the features of our products.
Click on below to view the documentation or on to view a video.

Topic Description A4 US Video
Getting Started: How to get up and running with the Exchanger XML Editor
Window Overview: Brief overview of the functionality of the various windows within the Exchanger XML Editor (10Mb/ 1:56min)
Grid: How the Grid facilitates tag-free editing of XML data (Available in Professional Edition only) (4.5Mb/ 9:48min)
Browsing & Navigating: The basics of browsing and navigating within the Exchanger XML Editor
XPath Searches: Shows how searches can be significantly improved through the use of XPath (8.9Mb/ 2:43min)
Editing: Highlighting the numerous aids available for simplifying the editing of XML content using the Exchanger XML Editor
Fragments: Shows how Fragments, a mechanism to easily add user-defined chunks of content using simple key strokes, can be utilised effectively     (1.5Mb/ 2:23min)
Special Characters: Demonstrates how easily the Exchanger XML Editor can handle Special Characters and Entities     (0.5Mb/ 1:44min)
Projects: How to use Projects as a convenient means for managing related groups of documents
XML Schema, DTD and RelaxNG: Details the significant inbuilt support for XML Schemas, DTDs, RelaxNG and the Namespace Routing Language
Types: Shows how the Exchanger XML Editor uses the concept of Types to map one or more grammers used by XML files to physical locations on disk or on the network
XSLT Debugger: Details the comprehensive XSLT debugger for both Saxon and Xalan processors and shows how this can be run from within the Editor or as a standalone product (1.2Mb/ 2:49min)
XSL Transforms: Shows how the Exchanger XML Editor can be used to manage XSLT and XSLFO transformations
Schema Instance Generation: Details how to generate an example document that conforms to an XML Schema using the Schema Instance Generator     (1.7Mb/ 3:10min)
Schema Viewer: Demonstrates how the Schema Viewer tool can be used to browse an XML Schema in a tree view, showing details for element and attribute definitions     (1.2Mb/ 1:41min)
Import: How the Exchanger XML Editor provides a number of ways to import from various data sources including structured text files, Excel spreadsheets and database tables
XDiff & Merge: For comparing and reconciling multiple document versions (Available in Professional Edition only) (1.7Mb/ 1:42min)
SOAP: Send and receive SOAP messages (1.9Mb/ 2:17min)
WSDL Analyser: Describes how the inbuilt WSDL Analyser can analyse a WSDL document and generate appropriate SOAP requests for invoking operations described in the document (0.8Mb/ 1:24min)
XML Security: Documents how the Exchanger XML Editor supports the Inclusive and Exclusive canonicalization of documents according to the W3C Canonicalization specifications
XQuery: Shows how the Exchanger XML Editor supports the XQuery language, as implemented in release 8.4 of Saxon
SVG: Detailing the Exchanger XML Editor's built-in support for viewing, editing and converting Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) content
Outliner: Demonstrates how the Outliner tool can support the rapid generation and easy editing of XML data without having to worry about the actual markup (0.4Mb/ 1:06min)
Emacs Shortcuts: Details of the Emacs Shortcuts inbuilt in the Exchanger XML Editor
Mac Shortcuts: Details of the Mac shortcuts inbuilt in the Exchanger XML Editor
Windows / Unix Shortcuts: Details of the Windows / unix shortcuts inbuilt in the Exchanger XML Editor
Preferences: How to change the various preferences available in the Exchanger XML Editor