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The Exchanger XML Editor runs on all platforms:
Mac OS X
Any Unix Platform
Other Java Enabled Platforms

Further Information
For more information download the User Guide.
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  User Guide (US) (3.4MB)
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Purchasing the Exchanger XML Editor

In addition to features such as Grid based editing, XSLT 2.0 Debugging using Saxon 8.4 (The Saxon XSLT and XQuery Processor from Saxonica Limited,, XML Schema Instance Generation and simplified XSLT transformations, the Exchanger XML Editor also includes Multiple Document Interface (MDI), XDiff and Merge, XML Signature and a host of the features for an improved editing experience. The Exchanger XML Editor also provides support for a broad range of XML-related standards including XML Schema, RelaxNG, XPath, Xquery, SVG, etc. This functionality, coupled with its usability, cross-platform support and low cost, makes the Exchanger XML Editor ideal for use in both Commercial and Academic environments.

The Exchanger XML Editor can be purchased for use in Commercial organisations or for Academic/Not-for-profit use. We also offer generous Maintenance packages to new and existing customers.

Commercial License

The commercial license can be purchased by companies and individuals for use in a commercial setting. The commercial license can be run on multiple platforms (Windows / Linus / OS X / Unix).

We offer generous discounts for multi-license purchases. In addition we offer an add-on package for maintenance (see below for further information). Commercial licenses can be purchased on their own or can be bundled with a maintenance pack.

Prices quoted below are quoted net of VAT. Customers within the EU are liable to VAT at 21% unless a valid VAT registration number is provided.

Number of Licenses Discount US Dollar Euro Sterling
1 to 4 0% $ 130 € 110 £ 75
5 to 9 5% $ 124 € 105 £ 71
10 to 20 10% $ 117 € 99 £ 68
21 to 49 15% $ 110 €  94 £ 64
50 to 99 20% $ 104 €  88 £ 60
100 + Enterprise-wide licensing is available - please contact sales for more information.
Refund Policy


Maintenance: the maintenance package allows customers to avail of update releases and support for one year. Updates are defined as period minor releases to improve performance or to fix bugs (for instance updates released from V3.1 to V3.2). Each individual maintenance license covers only one commercial license (eg if you have purchased 10 commercial licenses and wish to avail of the maintenance package, you must purchase 10 maintenance licenses).

  Maintenance License & Maintenance Bundles
Number of Licenses Discount US Dollar Euro Sterling US Dollar Euro Sterling
1 to 4 0% $ 26 € 22 £ 15 $ 156 € 132 £ 90
5 to 9 5% $ 25 € 21 £ 14 $ 149 € 126 £ 85
10 to 20 10% $ 23 € 20 £ 14 $ 140 € 119 £ 82
21 to 49 15% $ 22 € 19 £ 13 $ 132 € 113 £ 77
50 to 99 20% $ 20 € 18 £ 12 $ 124 € 106 £ 72
100 + Enterprise-wide maintenance is available - please contact sales for more information.
Refund Policy

Academic / non-profit license

In addition to Commercial licenses, Cladonia is pleased to offer a reduced rate, fully functional license for academic or non-profit use by individuals and educational institutions and not-for-profit organisations. Cladonia is very interested in supporting the academic community and to that end we have provided the following flexible pricing.

Prices quoted below are quoted net of VAT. Customers within the EU are liable to VAT at 21% unless a valid VAT registration number is provided.

License Type No. of users US Dollar Euro Sterling Comment Maintenance
Individual License 1 to 9 $ 48 € 39 £ 26 Price per individual license 15%
Class License 10 to 30 $ 615 € 500 £ 340 Total price per license 15%
Departmental License 31 to 100 $ 1,845 € 1,500 £ 1,020 Total price per license 15%
Campus Wide License 100+ users $ 3,690 € 3,000 £ 2,040 Total price per license 15%
Refund Policy

Refund Policy

The Exchanger XML Editor is available for a 30-day evaluation period. Customers are encouraged to fully evaluate the software prior to purchasing a software license. Evaluation software is fully functional. During the evaluation period, technical support is available by sending email to

After purchasing the Exchanger XML Editor, Cladonia Ltd. gives you a 7 day 'cooling off period' in which you have the right to cancel your purchase and receive a full refund. You do not need to give a reason for cancelling your purchase. We will refund your payment in full within 30 days of your cancellation.

Should you wish to cancel your purchase within the 7 days 'cooling off' period, please email us at or see below for other contact information.

Cladonia Limited

216, NUI Business Innovation Centre,
Newcastle Road,

Telephone: +353 91 861625


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